First, would you like a custom audition of your audio?

I will gladly voice 20 or so seconds of your audio, so that you can hear exactly what my voice and recording quality are like, and help you decide whether my voice is right for your project.  E-mail me a piece of your script (you can copy and paste the segment into the body of the email message, or attach your whole script and I will choose an area to present.  All scripted content submitted for an audition is treated as strictly confidential.  Your content is safe with me.

How To Get Your Script Voiced

It’s easy!  Just e-mail your script to .

Please include the following information:
1. HOW do you want the voiceover to SOUND?
2. What FORMAT, sample and bit rate do you require? (wav, .aif, .mp3, etc.) (8-16-24 bit, all sample rates.)
3. When is your DEADLINE for delivery of the voiceover? (date and time)
4. Which DELIVERY METHOD do you prefer? (e-mail, WeTransfer, FTP, Cloud, etc.)
5. What is your billing ADDRESS and contact information?

How Much Does It Cost?

Project fees vary depending on the end use of the project, length (word count), and the degree of production required.  I can easily provide a cost with these details.

Recording sessions can be easily monitored and directed by you!

I have Skype, several WebRTC services, SIP services, and regular phone patch, so that you get exactly what you want.  Many of the IP based communication tools provide high fidelity digital audio, meaning that I can voice it for you live, and you can record on your end in real time.  It simply means being able to interact with and record for you no matter where you are in the world.