Private Voice-Over Instruction

***** Private lessons are given only after a candidate successfully passes an evaluation session *****

Bob’s goal in private instruction is to give the focused attention that the student needs in whatever area the student requests help.  Sessions are intended to be an hour long, but often run slightly overtime with no additional charge for any overage applied. The sessions are conducted in Bob’s personal studio in Dallas.  Private instruction takes many forms.  Sometimes students need advice on preparing for the production of a demo CD (these advice sessions are called “consultation sessions”).  Others are seeking help with a particular performance style, such as narration.  Still others are looking to simply practice voice-over copy, be coached and critiqued, and explore a variety of voice styles (this is called a “copy workout”). Each session is individualized with that student’s particular goals in mind.

NEW!  Remote Instruction NOW AVAILABLE!!

With modern high-speed internet connections coupled with webcams, computer microphones and programs such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Jitsi, and others, it is now possible to offer Remote private instruction and consultation sessions to those who don’t live in the Dallas area.  The individual must still pass an evaluation session, but if equipped with the aforementioned equipment and software, it is possible to participate in live VO training and consultation no matter where you are.

Thank you very much for visiting, and good luck in your voice-over endeavors.