Time for the holidays. What a year this has been! Business, thankfully, goes on very much as usual. It has taken me months, but I am finally finding a balance between my VO life and my teaching life. I’m still behind in getting new students into the rotation, but it’s improving. Thanks to those who have inquired for their patience as they wait for their turn.

I have migrated away from Adobe Audition to a relatively new editor/DAW called Soundop. It’s only available for PC at present, and it has been an adjustment, but it is spectacular. I’m still also recommending Acon Digital’s Acoustica as another alternative for both PC and Mac. I’ve been immersing myself in some new plugins too, which simplify the mastering process and sound GREAT!

Personally, Lois and I have been well. The cats are all as rowdy as always. Life goes on, but in a much more cloistered way. I’m as ready for us to turn the page on this thing as you are.

Yes, we’ve all learned to detest video chat, but if you need me, I’m always here. Just get in touch. In the mean time, be safe.

Coronavirus Update 3