STAGE will host an Open House on Sunday January 6th, 2019.  I will be there to talk about the classes being offered in 2019 and answer any questions you might have.

The first class of the new year will be a VO-2 beginning on January 8th, and it will be held at my home studio in North Dallas.  This class is already full, but there is another projected to begin on June 4th.

A new VO-1 is forming now and is slated to begin on February 26th at STAGE’s location on Lupo Drive in Dallas, just north of downtown.

Please contact STAGE at 214-630-7722 or write to


*New* Introductory VO Session from a *New* Artist’s Studio!

Make Your Mark Studios in Plano is coordinating a future one evening VO overview workshop, to be held at my home studio near the Galleria in Dallas.  To register, call 817-917-1889, or visit


In 2019, I am planning to host some workshops that are called “The Garage Sessions”, held in the heated and air conditioned garage of my home.  One of the planned sessions is called Perspectives, which I host with Jeanne Everton.  Jeanne is an on-camera performance specialist (among many other things), and together we talk about the new skills required of us in the modern acting world from both the voice-over and on-camera perspectives.  Also, Jenni Steck and I will be getting together to offer Voice Focus.  Jenni is a leading speech pathologist and broadcast voice consultant.  Together, we want to help those who are seeking speech improvement take a closer look at their issues, and offer focused help using knowledge from our respective specialty areas.  Additionally, I will be hosting The P & E of VO, where we will be looking at the two most important layers of VO performance in depth.  Also there’s Voice Recording and Mastering, where I examine, step by step, how to capture a voice recording properly and then apply various processes to the audio (called Mastering) in order to make those recordings come to life.  Last, simple Script and Copy Workshops are designed to provide practice and critique for specialty areas in VO.

Studio: 972-243-6086 E-Mail: Skype ID: bob_michaels
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